Int. FTCH Miller McDuff - "Paddy"

Irish Champion 2017


Wurfdatum: 07.02.2013

Besitzer: Declan Boyle, Nordirland

Züchter: Mr. WRC Haughey

Gesundheit: HD 3/6, ED 0/0, CNM N/N (clear), EIC N/N (clear), prcd-PRA N/a (carrier), Augen frei 19.01.2016

Prüfungen: Workingtests (Open), Field Trials, Qualified for the 2015, 2016 Irish Retriever Championships, Qualified for the IGL 2015, 2016










Maldrake Anya of Highwalk - "Anya"


Wurfdatum: 17.11.2012

Besitzer: Declan Boyle/ Noel Cahill, Nordirland

Züchter: Mr. Noel Bayley

Gesundheit: HD 3/4, ED 0/0, CNM N/N (clear), prcd-PRA N/N (clear)

" Paddy is a large athletic dog, excellent temperament calm strong fast an excellent swimmer, good jumper and will face cover, a good marking and game finding dog. Paddy in my opinion is the best dog that I have had so far."  

(Declan Boyle)

Picture made by Meike Leferink